About Us

SEGAVIBESSegavibes is an independent record label created by Elvis Joubert and co-founder Tony Julie (Metis Band) to produce and release quality music from Seychelles. It’s first release was 10 Problenm by Dr Madmun (Elijah) in October 2004.

Over the years Segavibes have produced and released several albums in Seychelles including traditional ‘Kamtole’ albums through our ‘Leve Tradisyon‘ Volume Series, Lanbyans Tropik by Brian Matombe, compilation albumsHits of Seychelles Vol 1 with various artists, Hits of Seychelles Vol 2featuring Dave Sinon & Joel Servina, the BazzVibes Volume 1 featuring Lobazz artists and Sedev (Elijah Ek Zanmi Vedet). We have also produced albums by two of the most successful Kreol reggae artists – the Eliza brothersMercenary and Elijah.

Segavibes also consist of an entertainment subsidiary whose sole purpose is to promote events/dances for the Seychellois community living in UK. Through those social community events, we have been responsible for bringing popular artists such as Brian Matombe, Jean Marc Volcy, Boya Band, Jany De Letourdi, Mercenary, Elijah, Red I, Ralf and The Suns, Allen Camille, Jean Ally, Joel Servina, Ron Payet, Jakim et al to perform in UK.
Today three members of the subsidiary, Pierre Labiche, Rudy Gendron and Elvis Joubert are also radio presenters on the station.
Since our launch in 2004 Segavibes has always been at the forefront for supporting our local Seychellois artists (both traditional and modern) and their music. Our first website www.seyshopping.com (originally called www.segavibes.net) was launched in the same year as an outlet to distribute our own CD productions which covered Sega, Traditional and Kreol Reggae musical genres to the European market. It was then that we ‘flirted’ with the idea of an online radio station, culminating in the registration of the domain name radiosesel.com that same year.


Segavibes brings you its first tentative steps into a brave new world of web radio.
Radiosesel.com is Seychelles first 24/7 ONLINE ONLY community radio station with the sole purpose of bringing Seychelles Kreol Music i.e the ‘Sounds of Paradise’ to the global online community.
With a 100% Kreol content we intend to promote the music and its artists to a new global audience.

Our primary aim is to promote the diverseness of our Kreol Culture and our recording artists, through their music, underpinned by the dynamism of our creative team.
For this purpose we aim to make Radiosesel.com a progressive online streaming community broadcasting service that endeavours to provide high quality online radio 24/7 playing 100% Kreol music to our global Seychelles diaspora.

Our website has been designed using the latest web technology, a format called Responsive web design (RWD) which allows smart sizing of the contents for the best viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Listeners can view, enjoy and access the website via PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart-phones.

Through this online venture Segavibes will continue to work with our local artists so that in the long term they gain in terms, of greater exposure, increased popularity and other rewards generated through association with this project.

Finally the music that we broadcast remains the property of the author(s), music producers and recording houses. No aspects of the music played, images, videos or literature may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, copying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the original artists or Radiosesel.com

Radiosesel.com is a sole venture of Segavibes, and is not affiliated to no group, businesses or broadcasting houses in Seychelles.

For all queries please use our CONTACT page.

We hope you will stay with us and enjoy the experience